This campaign will begin again in Fall 2012. We have about 5,000 hard copy signatures to start!


We are families and individuals who are repulsed at the vulgar and pornographic public advertisements out there today. Our children (and ourselves) should not be forced to view such imagery at public places such as bus shelters and billboards along the road.

We are petitioning the Government of Canada to ban sexually explicit outdoor advertising for the sake of the children in our society. Little 8-to-12-year-old girls and boys are already building impressions from what they see in the world. Many little girls will view the women in these ads as fulfilling the role of women in the world, and little boys will think that's what women are for. How sad! Women are oppressing themselves when they let their body be exploited for these ads and we do not want our daughters learning this behavior. Men who exploit these women or view such ads devalue women and we do not want our sons to copy this behavior.

If you stand united with this cause, join in! We hope to stand tall enough for advertising agencies to realize the negative reaction to their indecent advertising practices so that they'll change their ways in the future and earn our respect and business.

We will push this fight until we succeed, God-willing, because we have a duty to protect our children from such advertisements - just what are they selling to us and our kids?!

Explore our site for more information and please get in touch with us if you have any suggestions.